Obama and Iraq…what’s next for America?

January 8, 2009

I have decided that the direction of my blog posts will be relating the war in Iraq [and Afghanistan, pending what our next president’s move will be] and how the news reports will change once he gets into office. I’m doubtful that any major change will happen within the next few weeks, but I intend to study the change in tone [if there is one] regarding the wars we fight and the President that decides.

The news feeds that I have found interesting and educating are:

New York Times –-any article that involved Obama and Iraq will pop up in my news feed–as well as any breaking news regarding Iraq [with or without Obama]

Baghdad Bureau —this is actually in conjunction with NYT, but it stands as its own work, the subtitle being “Iraq from the Inside”

CNN–this news feed will update me on politics, which I didn’t know how to make more specific. CNN.com does not let you modify their RSS options as far as I could tell. But, once I added it, the top 6 stories were all about Obama and war, so I think it does its job.

USA TODAY–offers the same as CNN, which I focused it on what is going on with Washington. These updates will keep me updated on ever move Obama makes, as well as specifically the war in Iraq. This gives me a solid ground to stand on, in addition to the focus of the war.

Obama Blog–I have added this feed, without putting too much stock in it. I know that it may not be Obama writing, and you can never fully trust the government. But, I still felt that it would be interesting to see what updates I receive from the political party itself.



Hello world!

January 7, 2009

yay for blogs.